Antelope Island Bison

by Rod
(Salt Lake City)

Antelope Island Bison

Antelope Island Bison

The 24th annual Bison Roundup on Antelope Island was held on Friday October 29th. The state of Utah uses this roundup to keep the herd at right around 500 bison.

It's a two-day event and allows would-be cowboys the unique chance to participate. But the actual rounding up of the bison is done by the most experienced riders.

More than 300 riders participated this year. Bison can be dangerous ... aggressive and protective. And they don't act like cows. Several of the bison charged at riders this year but no damage was done. At last year's roundup ... in 2009 ... four horses were gored however.

About 200 of the beasts are auctioned off each year. To keep the numbers at a level the island can support. The 6th annual Live Bison Auction takes place on November 13.

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