Catholic in Utah

by Beth

And A Cyclist

I am considering a move to the area and I am Catholic. Are there certain areas/neighborhoods where Catholics live/congregate? I would like to be in a neighborhood/surroundings where my kids & I feel comfortable.

I am also wondering about cycling and the Velodrome in Draper. Is it open? Are residents able to use it? I like road biking and although I have found many mountain biking trails/info/websites, I was wondering if there is a trail system for us road cyclists.

Any help you can give is appreciated.


I can’t really go into much detail here but I’ll do my best. Utah is about 62 – 65% LDS now (give or take a few %). But the closer you get to downtown Salt Lake City, the lower that percentage becomes. The percentage of LDS residents is quite a bit higher as you move out to the suburbs.

I can’t give you specific neighborhoods but it seems that the closer you get to the University of Utah .,. 10-12 blocks up the hill from downtown … the lower the percentage of LDS residents. I would suggest talking to a local realtor about this.

Incidentally, there are more than 250,000 Catholics in Utah. And most of them are within an hour’s drive of downtown Salt Lake City.

If you want to read a little more about this, visit my Cathedral of the Madeleine page at .

As for cycling, the Velodrome in Utah is not open yet. They’re still working on raising the money for it … like so many other projects during the last couple years.

If you want to learn more about cycling in the area, go here: or here:

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