Monument between Wendover and Tooele?

by Ray
(elko, Nevada)

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

What is the monument called that symbolizes a tree between Wendover, Nevada and Tooele, Utah?

It is a sculpture by Swedish artist Karl Monen. He calls it the Tree of Utah. It is sometimes called the Tree of Life. 87 feet high (27 m, the sculpture was dedicated in 1986.

It is found just north of I-80 about 25 miles east of Wendover. It is made mainly of concrete.

There is an inscribed plaque on the sculpture with the words from Ode To Joy by Friedrich Schiller. This is also used as the chorus for Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

It has been said that Monen was moved to create the sculpture having a vision of a tree while crossing the barren Bonneville Salt Flats.

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