Rice-Eccles Stadium Parking

by Julie

Rice-Eccles Stadium

Rice-Eccles Stadium

Where can I park for Utah Ute football games?

Well, as nice as the stadium is, the parking sucks. There isn’t any unless you’re a Crimson Club member paying a hefty price.

The best bet is to take Trax … the Salt Lake City light rail transit system. You can park in any one of a number of large lots and take the train right up to the stadium.

You can come from downtown … whether you’re staying there or not. There are plenty of large parking lots downtown.

We’ve always parked on the side streets just off 1300 south directly southwest of the stadium. But as the crowds get bigger, the walk gets longer. In fact, lately the walk has been from the other side of East High on 900 South.

There are some on-campus lots that aren’t bad if you want to walk a little. The Engineering Building parking lot is huge and takes you on an enjoyable walk through campus. The Union Building has a smaller lot.

I literally stopped going to Utah basketball games back in the early 2000’s because the parking on campus disappeared. Construction for the Olympics and other campus buildings has decimated the available campus parking.

To sum up, if you’re not a season ticket holder with a parking pass, you’re either walking a good distance. Or taking Trax.

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