Southern Utah Weather in April

by Joe Munn

We are planning a holiday in southern Utah. The plan is to come in April/May next year in 2014. What is the weather like at that time of the year? Thanks.

Joe Munn

As I said on my "Utah Weather" page, the one constant for Utah weather is change. On any given day, the temperature can vary as much 50 degrees.

I'm not sure what altitude you'll be at but that'll make a difference. Definitely two of the best months to go to southern Utah. Some averages for April are below:

- 44-74 F in Arches National Park
- 29-54 F in Bryce National Park
- 37-67 F in Canyonlands National Park
- 39-65 F in Capitol Reef National Park
- 44-74 F in Zion National Park
- 42-72 F in Moab

As you can, the temperatures are quite pleasant this time of year. The variable would be rain and the occasional spring snow.

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