Strawberry Reservoir Utah

by Rod
(Salt Lake City)

Fishing at Strawberry Reservoir has never been better. And right now ... the fall of 2010 ... the fish being caught are proof. In fact, it's almost unbelievable.

A couple weeks ago ... in mid October 2010 ... a 34-inch, 14-pound cutthroat was taken at Strawberry Reservoir! And according to Paul and John Phillips ... the owners of Strawberry Marina and Lodge ... this is the largest cutthroat caught at Strawberry since 1993. That was the year the lake was poisoned.

A.D. Green of Midvale, Utah reportedly caught the monster. Green said he made the big catch using a needle fish lure.

Just about the same time, Bryant Bunnell of American Fork, Utah caught a 29-inch, 8.4 lb. cutthroat from the shore!

And if those weren't enough. The day before Green's catch, a 10-pound rainbow was caught at Strawberry.

With the cooler temperatures, the big fish move into shallow water and become very active. And they're getter bigger each year.

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