Go Utes

by Court c

Well I am a Utah fan and somebody is always bagging on my team (Utah Utes ). Well has any other team busted the BCSs 2 times and go undefeated both times. I do not think it is fair that we cannot jump teams that have lost just because they play "hard" teams. Like Alabama, they lost and went to 8 place! If we would have lost to South Carolina we would have been knocked out of the top 25. So just because the paper says that their team is the best, doesn't mean that they are.

However I do not agree with the mock BCS that Boise State is ranked number one. At least Utah plays teams like TCU and Air Force (who is ranked number one in the nation in rushingwhile Boise state is playing the Nevada Wolfpack as their hardest opponent.

Now I am not saying that the Nevada Wolfpack is bad but the only reason that people have heard of them is because they played Boise State. I am not saying that Utah should go to the BCS Championship but in my opinion I think that some people should calm down because anything could happen.

I am also saying that teams like Utah and Boise State should play each other so that they could have a fair chance at the big game.

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