Ophir Utah Experience

by Stephen Harr
(Spring City, Utah)

Aaron Cutting down the threatening tree.

Aaron Cutting down the threatening tree.

Hello. My name is Stephen Harr. I was doing research on Ophir for a screenplay I am developing when I found a valuable article on this website.

I live in Spring City Utah. Another little corner of the universe. I am good friends with a man by the name of Aaron Ault. His family owns the Old Sharp Mansion, and as I understand it a majority of the mines including the land where some of the photos on a previous article was taken.

This last summer, I had the opportunity to visit the mine with Aaron and his family. We camped on some of his families land a few miles up the canyon from the mine. on his land is a cute little cabin which tucked away in a beautiful meadow in the higher mountains.

We had the exciting and scary experience of falling a tree which was threatening the historic structure. I tell you it was an adventure climbing to the higher points of the tree to attach a guide rope for pulling the falling tree away from the cabin. two thirds of the way through the cut the rope broke loose...

We thought for sure his ancestors would be haunting him forever for smashing the beloved dwelling. Thank the lord though, the specimen remained standing long enough for me to climb back up (bad Idea) to re-secure the rope. We applied tension via pulley, and truck in four wheel drive. with minimal effort the tree fell... in the intended direction. We all clapped as we wiped the stress sweat off our brow.

The next day we went to the mine to secure the gate and lock on the entrance. Before closing it up and clicking the lock. We ventured into the mine with flashlights. the amount of cold air constantly being forced out of the shaft if almost to intense to breathe. it was in the middle of the hot summer and there I was wishing I had brought a coat.

Aaron took us in as far as we could until it became to wet and waterlogged to continue. there were all sorts of fascinating things along the way. Above ground my family and I were able explore the old buildings, including the tram building where they still have core samples in boxes.

Aaron told me about some of the fascinating history from the town and the mines. Some of the stories I have Heard have inspired me to start writing a screenplay surrounding the big boom.

Now, I have to admit, while I have a lot of experience in front of the camera but not as much on the production side. I'm going to work on gathering all the history from this town that I can and making it an amazing work of art. Not only does Utah have some of the most amazing sights on earth. It is chalk full of some of the most talented people in the industry.

Just stay posted.

The Magic is Coming.

Stephen Harr

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