Utah Liquor Stores

by Rod
(Salt Lake City)

So what’s the big buzz now about Utah liquor stores? Let’s fast forward a couple years after the above changes were enacted in Utah. What’s the latest for 2011? Well, the Mormon-dominated Utah legislature is at it again.

The Utah Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (yeah, that’s really what they’re called) is getting ready to make sure this state lives up to its former world-wide reputation. And it wasn’t a flattering one.

They’re getting ready to close as many as nine state liquor stores throughout the state. With already the most restrictive … or oppressive depending on your point of view … liquor laws in the country, it’s getting worse.

There are only 157 liquor stores in Utah. That’s 17,648 residents per outlet. The next highest? Washington. With 1,441 stores and 1,118 residents per outlet. Do you see the discrepancy?

It’s a battle that’s intensifying. Between those who want the laws liberalized. And those who don’t. And, as those of us who live in Utah know, Mormon Church members dominate the legislature. As do their beliefs.

The amazing thing is that each of the stores being closed makes a profit! At least $ 1 million each year for each of them. As one state senator from Layton said, “There could be a bit of customer inconvenience for those who have to go down the street a ways …”.

So, the bottom line? Despite what I wrote in the page above, those who want to enjoy an adult beverage in Utah are still made to jump through hoops to do it. Despite the positive changes that have been made. But it probably hurts the people who live here more than those who visit.

The reason is that if you’re coming in to the state to visit, there will probably be an outlet somewhere near where you’re staying. There’s just not many of them. And they’ll be more crowded than ever.

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