Site Update October 2023

This site was on hold for the last 4-5 years up until the spring of this year.  You can probably tell that a lot of new content has been added to it recently.

I am now constantly adding new content and updating a lot of the old content.  Most of the information on this site is still timely but some of it may be a little out-dated (although less so as I update more pages).

The free ebook links are now working so please request that if you want some great updated information.  You will be receiving emails from me in the future but not an excessive amount and not yet as I spend most of my current time writing content for this site. 

I am also working on several ebooks which will soon be available on this site through the usual channels (Gumroad and Kindle).

I have enjoyed getting back to work on this site and blog as I thoroughly enjoy sharing what I know about this state.  My wife and I have visited and experienced most of the things you read about here.

There are a lot of outside misconceptions about Utah and, of course, some of that noise is actually true.  But do you know the difference?

This state's population keeps growing, the visitor count keeps climbing and many of these places are becoming over-crowded. 

Maybe what you find here will help you avoid some of those crowds.  One of my goals in life is to avoid crowds and lines whenever possible.

Please check back frequently and sign up for my free ebook.  It contains a lot of information (more than 100 pages with photos) that you may find helpful (especially being free).

Thanks for visiting.

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