Great Salt Lake
Legacy Parkway

The Great Salt Lake legacy Parkway is Utah’s newest scenic byway. Opened in 2008, it was originally built to provide another major thoroughfare between some of northern Utah’s most heavily populated cities.

Why would a road like this be named a byway? The 14-mile long four-lane route travels along SR-67 from North Salt Lake to Farmington. Near and through the wetlands … and grasslands … of the east edge of the Great Salt Lake.

With wonderful views of Antelope Island , the Great Salt Lake, and ... to the east ... the Wasatch Mountains. Being so new, it’s a unique byway. Almost all the others in Utah were built many years ago.

Now keep in mind that this byway runs parallel to I-15 just to the east. In fact, from the Legacy, you can see bumper-to-bumper traffic at any time on that freeway.

The Legacy Parkway attracts quite a bit of this traffic trying to avoid that mess. Even so, the speed limit is capped at 55 MPH. Perturbing many people.

But that’s not all. No billboards are visible. They aren’t allowed. And neither are trucks. It is far narrower … and more winding … than you would expect.

My experience is that you better abide by that speed limit. I’ve seen speed traps just about every time I’ve driven the byway.

There are several places to stop to enjoy hiking , biking, and bird-watching. One of the world’s largest migratory bird flyways cuts right through this area. Stop and visit the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area .

During the migration periods, these wetlands just east of the Great Salt Lake host an unbelievable diversity of waterfowl, songbirds, and raptors. Hundreds of thousands of them! And more than 200 species.

Running parallel to the byway is a great trail system for cyclists, walkers, joggers, and even roller-bladers. Set off from the road with a nicely integrated mix of berms, fences, and vegetation.

Along the way, also just west of the Great Salt Lake Legacy Parkway, lies the 2,098 acre Legacy Nature Preserve. Another great area for wildlife viewing and bird-watching.

It takes less than 20 minutes to drive the parkway. But stop and explore some of the great sights and sounds along the way when you get time.

From Salt Lake City, take I-215 north. At exit 38 in North Salt Lake, take the Legacy Parkway at SR-67. From the north, enter SR-67 at exit 324 in Farmington.

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