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Sandstone Butte in Utah

Perhaps you’re interested in food. Maybe you’re looking for the best restaurants in Utah. In Salt Lake City or Park City .

Or the best ski resort in Utah. That’s definitely something that’s based on a variety of factors … cost, number of visitors, preferred terrain, or difficulty.

If you're reading this page in  2023, you'll soon realize that it hasn't been updated in several years. Since I'm now back to writing this site and blog, keep checking back as I will be updating the information as best I can.

What are the best hotels in Utah? Or where can get the best sushi in Utah? The best pizza? Or the best burger?

Keep checking this page and you’ll find links to various pages on this site telling you about the best in Utah. It may be my opinion.

Or it may come from a newspaper article. Even a magazine. And if I use other people’s information, I’ll certainly give them credit for it.

Once again, use this information only as a guide. Some of these choices you may disagree with. And if you agree … or disagree … most of these pages will have a Content 2.0 area on the bottom of the page allowing you to express your opinion. Please feel free to do so.

Utah Travel Secrets is chock-full of the best places … and things … to see in Utah. And although I have my personal favorites, some of these are real difficult to rank. So I’ll simply tell you about them and let you make your own decision.

As I said above, I’ll keep updating this page. Adding links to my new “best ... in Utah" pages. These pages will also be updated on my blog as they’re added so subscribe to that if you haven’t already.

And if you’re so inclined, please contribute to the dialogue on the bottom of each of those pages.

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